Tinder is Available on Apple TV

Tinder has done a couple of perfect things nowadays, from expanding the gender choices in order to make the dating application more inclusive to getting millennial that has been involved in conversations about Brexit vote and US election.

Meanwhile, its newest venture is a little out there. Nowadays, Tinder can be used as an application on Apple TV which means that you can see you matches in full HD or you can also get your family help you opt your next date because of the press release of application suggests.

Tinder says that it wants to offer the similar dynamite swiping experience from the application of phone and make it huge, by allowing a lot of fans of Tinder in order to stream live from their couch.

You will also get a lot of advantages of new swipeable remote control of Apple TV, so you can swipe right, left and Super Like matches on the application by using remote.

Tinder claimed that it is to welcome the fun of Christmas. You can gather with your family and rather than bonding around with your family at dinner table or Yahtzee game, it is the perfect time for you to and your family to judge people in your TV screen.

The application is taking a page from matchmaking book, when family members and parents were ones that take responsibility of picking a future partner for their offspring.

The most important thing is that your family will not get full control of your dating profile. The TV application has been streamlined in order to simplify the experience of user on widescreen. There are a couple of users that can only swipe left or right on the potential partners, it means that you will get to use the application of your phone in order to get the full experience of Tinder

How to use Tinder on Apple TV

First of all you have to visit the App Store on Apple TV. After that it is the perfect time for you to download Tinder. The instructions should be followed on the screen in order to log in. and then you have to start swiping. The trackpad can be clicked in order to view more details about the profile. Super Like, swipe left, and right by swiping up and the remote can be shaken in order to rewind your swipe. Sign out when you are done swiping.


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