Simcity Buildit Review on Plot and Features

Are you looking for another game to play for hours? Consider Simcity Buildit. This EA’s ongoing project apparently turns out to be a popular game. And most of the Simcity Buildit review is positive showing a lot of gamers love this game. Unlike the previous similar game that focused on zones, roads and special buidlings, this Simcity Buildit game focuses on both housing and factory plots. So, this game gets you to feel the real challenge to build a city and its economic life. This game requires you to be a good city mayor where you have to focus on everything that the residences need. It includes the basic and additional services.

Simcity Buildit Review on Plot

Once you have created an account and started to play, you have to start by building residential zones. These are the zones for your residences’ houses. To build the houses, you do not need to pay for anything. However, you cannot build more before you get to the next level. Then, the Simcity Buildit review on plot continues with building of industrial zones. In these zones, you will have your residences working to make wood, plastic and iron to build the industrial zones.

When your city starts to grow, more items will be needed to upgrade the zones to the next level. To get the items, you can make it yourself or buy it at HQ or from Daniel. Once your level increases, there will be more taxes you can earn. More taxes mean more money to buy more items. As alternative, you can always use Simcity Buildit hack tool.

The Simcity Buildit review shows that this game has more features to offer to make it a challenging game. For instance, this game still has the real world’s desires and wants. And it’s actually the factor affecting the prices of the properties and the amount of your tax. Houses built next to the factory will only attract few people to live there and it makes a bad investment. Just like planning a real city, you have to place all the plots or zones on the ideal locations. For instance, residential houses should be close to public services like schools, hospitals and fire stations.

Ideal layout is crucial to make all the residences happy. And when they are happy with at least 90 score for happiness, you will get more taxes. It means you have been successful building a city. Shortly said, with the positive Simcity Buildit review, you will have a great time playing this game.

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