Dirt Rally Racing Game Review

Dirt Rally Racing

Dirt Rally racing game is one of the best racing games that available nowadays. You can feel the real atmosphere of racing in many different tracks. There are many cars available in this game. The handling of the car when you are driving it is amazing. Just like driving a real car. Sometime your engine can be overdrive when it’s almost reach the top speed or the limit. The effects on the track when the racing is amazing. You can find many beautiful sceneries and many beautiful objects during the race. The tense of the race will pump your adrenaline to the max.

During the game, you will be accompanied by a co-driver who sits next to you. He will help you during the race by informing you and also warning you when you about many possibilities that will come to you during the race. The feel of your car’s wheels, steer, and engine just like very real. Dirt Rally racing game use new physic engine that give great visual starting from the moment you choose the vehicle or the type of the driving surface. Then you will also find great visual when you have to choose the weather, time of day, and altitude. After you finish setting up for the race, you will come to the track in your vehicle and you are ready to feel the real racing atmosphere.

In this game, you can find 39 cars that has great performance in their own way. It’s better for you to choose the appropriate cars for different tracks. Each car has its own characteristic that sometimes only suitable for certain track conditions. Although you have chosen the right car, you should also master your chosen car. In Dirt Rally racing game, all factors during the race are important and will decide the result of the race. Listen to your co-driver carefully to get better lap time and avoid your car from getting any damage during the race.

Dirt Rally racing game also offers career mode. You will spend much of your time for the rally championship in the full gamut of counties and stages. It’s a long multi stage racing events. You should be careful about the damage of your car because the damage is persistent. It only can be fixed by your engineer crew. Dirt Rally really need your concentration to finish the race and become the champion.

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