Causes and Effects of Video Game Addiction


Even though American Medical Association has not recognized video game addiction as diagnosable disorder, it is very big deal for a couple of people. Based on University of New Mexico, a couple of new studies say that 7 to 14 percent of many gamers have signs which can be claimed as addiction. Even though this problem can have necessary consequences for those of you who suffer from it, video game addiction causes and effects can be very hard to guest.

Types of Video Game Addictions

There are two types of video games and meanwhile there are two biggest types of addictions of video game. Video game usually has been designed to be handled by a single player and they should finished mission or goal such as kill the enemy. These games addiction is sometimes connected to finishing that goal or completing a high score.

Another type of video game addiction is related with online multiplayer games. This game requires internet to play with other people and usually this kind of game is addictive as they have no ending. This kind of game makes gamers enjoy making and becoming an online character. They also sometimes create relationships with a couple of other players. For a couple of other people this community will be the good place because they will feel that they are accepted.

Causes of Video Game Addiction

There are a couple of different causes that will make video game addiction. One of the causes that make video game so addictive is those games is created to be addictive. There are a couple of designers of video game which try to make benefit and they always look for methods to make a lot of people play their games. They will make game that will be challenging for the players so that they will keep come back for more. In this case, video game addiction is almost the same with another disorder that is more widely recognized such as gambling addiction

The Signs of Video Game Addiction

Similar to other addiction, video game addiction comes with a couple of signs. It is better for you to know how to know these signs for those of you who have children or relatives that are in this kind of situation. Based on Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery, physical and emotional are those symptoms that you have to consider. So it is better for you to limit your time to play video game.

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