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New Nintendo Switch Games: The 5 Anticipated Games

With the coming of Nintendo Switch on the way, some of the exciting and new Nintendo Switch games have been released and prepared. Such games as Super Mari Odyssey, Zelda Breath of the Wild, or Xenoblade have made fans giddy with excitement. It would be really cool if Switch can really deliver a new gaming experience with these games. What’s cool is if these games can be made available for Switch – especially because they are the best in their lines.


New Nintendo Switch Games: The Fire Emblem

The game has reached their maximum and potential success in the 3DS and it is not wrong if gamers expect such a game to be available for the new Switch. With the success of Fire Emblem Awakening followed by Fates, it is pretty logical if the portable design and feature are expected to bring all the good stuff again and again. It is said that Warriors will be included in the new Nintendo Switch games line but will it?


New Nintendo Switch Games: True Pokemon Game

Gamers are entitled to play the true Pokemon form of adventure. We’re not talking about the Pokemon Tournament, Stadium, or Colosseum. With Switch and its feature design, it seems fit and perfect for the console to have such a game.


New Nintendo Switch Games: Wario Ware

Don’t underestimate the Wario Ware as it has all the fun elements and factors you can get from a game. The Wario Ware: Smooth Moves was a huge hit on Wii so it is pretty logical to expect this one of the new Nintendo Switch games line. With the focus on the controller’s features (such as the motion scanner or the HD vibration), this is the game you want for fun when there are a huge crowd of people involved.


New Nintendo Switch Games: Monster Hunter 5

Monster Hunter is a pretty okay game and the fact that it has made a good success in the 3DS platform has said it all. If the game has gained a better power, a wider communication option, more monsters, and better weapons, you can really have fun playing it!


New Nintendo Switch Games: Metroid

It is pretty obvious why loyal fans are smitten by this game. Even if you aren’t really into the game, you are curious about the next adventure from Samus. Hopefully, Retro Studio is considering a plan to present the game – although there hasn’t been any official announcement about it. Let’s hope that Metroid will be included in the list of the new Nintendo Switch games anticipated by gamers.


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Tinder is Available on Apple TV

Tinder has done a couple of perfect things nowadays, from expanding the gender choices in order to make the dating application more inclusive to getting millennial that has been involved in conversations about Brexit vote and US election.

Meanwhile, its newest venture is a little out there. Nowadays, Tinder can be used as an application on Apple TV which means that you can see you matches in full HD or you can also get your family help you opt your next date because of the press release of application suggests.

Tinder says that it wants to offer the similar dynamite swiping experience from the application of phone and make it huge, by allowing a lot of fans of Tinder in order to stream live from their couch.

You will also get a lot of advantages of new swipeable remote control of Apple TV, so you can swipe right, left and Super Like matches on the application by using remote.

Tinder claimed that it is to welcome the fun of Christmas. You can gather with your family and rather than bonding around with your family at dinner table or Yahtzee game, it is the perfect time for you to and your family to judge people in your TV screen.

The application is taking a page from matchmaking book, when family members and parents were ones that take responsibility of picking a future partner for their offspring.

The most important thing is that your family will not get full control of your dating profile. The TV application has been streamlined in order to simplify the experience of user on widescreen. There are a couple of users that can only swipe left or right on the potential partners, it means that you will get to use the application of your phone in order to get the full experience of Tinder

How to use Tinder on Apple TV

First of all you have to visit the App Store on Apple TV. After that it is the perfect time for you to download Tinder. The instructions should be followed on the screen in order to log in. and then you have to start swiping. The trackpad can be clicked in order to view more details about the profile. Super Like, swipe left, and right by swiping up and the remote can be shaken in order to rewind your swipe. Sign out when you are done swiping.


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Optimizing Laptop Performance with These Simple Things

Many of you who have been using your laptop for a long time will surely face the problem of slowing down laptop. If you are also experiencing the same thing, then you will surely need some of these simple ways in optimizing laptop performance. You can easily do these simple things on your own and you can finally feel that the performance of your laptop will be better. Here are some of those things.


The first one is checking the errors that your laptop might have. This one is important since many problems that cause your laptop to slow down are usually caused by the errors. Therefore, you will need to check if there are some errors on your laptop, especially the hard disk drive. Unfortunately, the duration that you need to do in optimizing laptop performance using this way varies based on the capacity of your hard disk drive. You will need longer time for bigger hard disk drive capacity. The next way that you can simply do is cleaning up the files that you do not really need. You can easily do this by checking on the temporary folder. That is because from that folder you will find a lot of files starting from the smallest one to the biggest one. You just need to delete them all. As an addition to that, you also need to delete all of those files from your Recycle Bin too.

The last tip that you can easily try to do is uninstalling the applications that you do not use anymore. When you check on the list of the installed applications or programs, you will be able to find some of the applications that you rarely use. If you can find some applications or programs there, you just need to uninstall the programs or application in optimizing laptop performance. However, after you uninstall the programs or applications, you need to make sure that you also delete the folder in your Windows Explorer and delete all of those files completely from the Recycle Bin too. This way, you will be able to have the better laptop performance.

For your final consideration, if you have done all of those tips above and you feel like nothing is changing on your laptop, then you will need to reinstall the operating system of your laptop as the last resort in optimizing laptop performance. That one is the best answer that you can get.

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Causes and Effects of Video Game Addiction


Even though American Medical Association has not recognized video game addiction as diagnosable disorder, it is very big deal for a couple of people. Based on University of New Mexico, a couple of new studies say that 7 to 14 percent of many gamers have signs which can be claimed as addiction. Even though this problem can have necessary consequences for those of you who suffer from it, video game addiction causes and effects can be very hard to guest.

Types of Video Game Addictions

There are two types of video games and meanwhile there are two biggest types of addictions of video game. Video game usually has been designed to be handled by a single player and they should finished mission or goal such as kill the enemy. These games addiction is sometimes connected to finishing that goal or completing a high score.

Another type of video game addiction is related with online multiplayer games. This game requires internet to play with other people and usually this kind of game is addictive as they have no ending. This kind of game makes gamers enjoy making and becoming an online character. They also sometimes create relationships with a couple of other players. For a couple of other people this community will be the good place because they will feel that they are accepted.

Causes of Video Game Addiction

There are a couple of different causes that will make video game addiction. One of the causes that make video game so addictive is those games is created to be addictive. There are a couple of designers of video game which try to make benefit and they always look for methods to make a lot of people play their games. They will make game that will be challenging for the players so that they will keep come back for more. In this case, video game addiction is almost the same with another disorder that is more widely recognized such as gambling addiction

The Signs of Video Game Addiction

Similar to other addiction, video game addiction comes with a couple of signs. It is better for you to know how to know these signs for those of you who have children or relatives that are in this kind of situation. Based on Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery, physical and emotional are those symptoms that you have to consider. So it is better for you to limit your time to play video game.

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