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Double Dragon IV Does Not Suit for Modern Gamers


The Double Dragon IV is just released recently by Arc System Works. It throws us back into the eighties authentically. We really mean it because this game is purely revived without adapting any modern game mechanism, which brings us to the old game console, NES. Although it says “IV” on its name, it is a direct sequel from the Double Dragon II. We do not understand why it is not from a sequel of Double Dragon III. The old graphic, which has been almost thirty years since now, offers some weaknesses that once again come up to the surface. Just read the review if you do not get it now.


Nothing changes at all. The Double Dragon IV still exists like what the predecessors looked some decades ago. The theory behind this revival is to bring much nostalgia for those who really miss Lee brothers in action. However, this game was too old for some modern consoles like PlayStation 4 and even PC. The 8-bit era had been done. We know the original idea about this game but please it is not like bringing the same graphics as the original series back there. It is a direct throwback seriously. The developer replicates everything on the Double Dragon Series of NES including the graphics. The enemies are goofy since they just rush blindly at your characters but they are just some, tough. The controls of the characters are also strictly odd. You can just move the characters with very limited moveset. We believe that all of you can end the game within an hour by spamming the standard attacks. The special attack is also limited.


There is not much to be reviewed on the graphic. The Double Dragon IV still offers flickering display on our LCD. In addition, the characters are very bad in details. You cannot compare this legendary game to the modern games or even on SEGA games. We have not impressed with the graphics at all. The design is also bad. The graphic is just like the worst thing in this game. It is stiff as its gameplay and controls.


After all, we are disappointed with the Double Dragon IV. It does not make any sense for competing with modern games literally. But, we do appreciate the developer to bring back the old memories even though it is still in 8-bit graphics. Frankly speaking, you will really immerse to the Lee brothers nostalgia. Thus, the game is worthwhile to enjoy a nostalgic moment for some adults out there.

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New Nintendo Switch Games: The 5 Anticipated Games

With the coming of Nintendo Switch on the way, some of the exciting and new Nintendo Switch games have been released and prepared. Such games as Super Mari Odyssey, Zelda Breath of the Wild, or Xenoblade have made fans giddy with excitement. It would be really cool if Switch can really deliver a new gaming experience with these games. What’s cool is if these games can be made available for Switch – especially because they are the best in their lines.


New Nintendo Switch Games: The Fire Emblem

The game has reached their maximum and potential success in the 3DS and it is not wrong if gamers expect such a game to be available for the new Switch. With the success of Fire Emblem Awakening followed by Fates, it is pretty logical if the portable design and feature are expected to bring all the good stuff again and again. It is said that Warriors will be included in the new Nintendo Switch games line but will it?


New Nintendo Switch Games: True Pokemon Game

Gamers are entitled to play the true Pokemon form of adventure. We’re not talking about the Pokemon Tournament, Stadium, or Colosseum. With Switch and its feature design, it seems fit and perfect for the console to have such a game.


New Nintendo Switch Games: Wario Ware

Don’t underestimate the Wario Ware as it has all the fun elements and factors you can get from a game. The Wario Ware: Smooth Moves was a huge hit on Wii so it is pretty logical to expect this one of the new Nintendo Switch games line. With the focus on the controller’s features (such as the motion scanner or the HD vibration), this is the game you want for fun when there are a huge crowd of people involved.


New Nintendo Switch Games: Monster Hunter 5

Monster Hunter is a pretty okay game and the fact that it has made a good success in the 3DS platform has said it all. If the game has gained a better power, a wider communication option, more monsters, and better weapons, you can really have fun playing it!


New Nintendo Switch Games: Metroid

It is pretty obvious why loyal fans are smitten by this game. Even if you aren’t really into the game, you are curious about the next adventure from Samus. Hopefully, Retro Studio is considering a plan to present the game – although there hasn’t been any official announcement about it. Let’s hope that Metroid will be included in the list of the new Nintendo Switch games anticipated by gamers.


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Township Hack and How to Use It Safely

Hacking tool is a common stuff in mobile game due to many demands from players. One of popular examples is Township hack. As you know, this game uses virtual money and gold to expand into new level. Unless you are good financially, using hack is good way to be the top player. Before exploring about safety measure of hacking tool, you need to know why many players take risk to use this stuff.

Money is obvious reason, but there is underlying factor that increases the hack utilization. Creator of hack tool tries hard to break code then deliver easy way to finish the game. On contrary, developer does not like this thing and try to protect with all means. You will see two opposite parties that fight each other. Without hack, the game will be in static mode and no development. This matter includes for Township hack. When many players rely on hack tool, developer should work hard to make new feature or develop counter measure.

  1. No installation need

In past time, hacking tool needs to be installed on device. There was uncertainty about whether the hack is real or fake. In the end, people took the risk to install it. Of course, you know that installing unknown application requires protection. It might be virus and malware. However, such era no longer exists. Nowadays, hack tool is available online without installation. This method is good to prevent unwanted content on device. Here will be many websites with similar content for Township hack.

  1. Fake or not

The important thing in Township hack is to check capability of website. From many websites, only few of them or even just one which is classified as genuine. Township has communication feature. Information from experienced player is more reliable than search engine. Fake hack will be gone immediately. On contrary the real hack will stay for long time.

  1. Only username no password

Be careful when the website has password form. Reliable hacking tool only needs username or ID of player. When you see password area, it is the fake one because your account is in danger. Therefore, avoid this website immediately.

  1. Don’t be greedy

Hack tool provides unlimited amount of coins and gold. You can have more than what you do in normal way. However, too much coin from unknown source is definitely suspicious. Certain hack only lets player to generate particular amount to prevent banned. Do not be greedy when using Township hack because consequence is not just for you. Website will be terminated due to illegal activity.

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Roblox Review as Reference

Having fun with other in online game is something you cannot resist. There are so many games with use platform as MMOG. One of them is Roblox. If you still beginner, it is better to read this Roblox review for further information. What is Roblox? Players need to build their own character and stuff, even environment and building. You can visit another player to explore his or her accomplishment.

Before exploring gameplay, you have to know that Roblox is for kids and teen. Of course, adults are free to play and there is no limitation age generally. However, the main objective of developer is designed the safe environment for kids to play. Kids with age from ten to eighteen are eligible to take part of Roblox. Before playing, developer encourages players to read terms of condition. Single violation will get punishment from simple to heavier. You may only receive warning three times due to small mistake or errors. However, your IP will be banned when violation is unforgivable. Terms of condition protect players from harassing each other. As you know, this game also involves communication and interaction, so there is possibility to talk improper words. Knowing rules and regulation is part of Roblox review.

Playing this game is simple. You just register and start to build your own character, items, and anything. Players have two options: free and in-app purchase. In free option, you only get basic service and cannot go further to expand Roblox world. Nowadays, game developers change paid-based game into in-app purchase. What is it? Just take Roblox for example. The game has currency, coins, or cash to buy items. Another way is trading between a single player and others.  With real money, you buy Builders Club then obtain unlimited features. Besides, players are able to use Robux as currency in Roblox world. In Roblox review, robux cannot be separated.

It is easy when you have enough money to spend, but not for many players. In this situation, they rely on Roblox hack. By using this tool, you will get unlimited Robux. Therefore, this benefit is very temptation. You are free to try hacking tool and experiencing the difference. Be careful for malware and virus. Besides them, try not to expose too much personal identity and financial account.

People like Roblox because of one thing. The graphic is simple and easy to follow. This game focuses to functionality and simplicity. There is no complex figure and form to enjoy Roblox. As last part of Roblox review, the graphic is worth to consider.

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Tinder is Available on Apple TV

Tinder has done a couple of perfect things nowadays, from expanding the gender choices in order to make the dating application more inclusive to getting millennial that has been involved in conversations about Brexit vote and US election.

Meanwhile, its newest venture is a little out there. Nowadays, Tinder can be used as an application on Apple TV which means that you can see you matches in full HD or you can also get your family help you opt your next date because of the press release of application suggests.

Tinder says that it wants to offer the similar dynamite swiping experience from the application of phone and make it huge, by allowing a lot of fans of Tinder in order to stream live from their couch.

You will also get a lot of advantages of new swipeable remote control of Apple TV, so you can swipe right, left and Super Like matches on the application by using remote.

Tinder claimed that it is to welcome the fun of Christmas. You can gather with your family and rather than bonding around with your family at dinner table or Yahtzee game, it is the perfect time for you to and your family to judge people in your TV screen.

The application is taking a page from matchmaking book, when family members and parents were ones that take responsibility of picking a future partner for their offspring.

The most important thing is that your family will not get full control of your dating profile. The TV application has been streamlined in order to simplify the experience of user on widescreen. There are a couple of users that can only swipe left or right on the potential partners, it means that you will get to use the application of your phone in order to get the full experience of Tinder

How to use Tinder on Apple TV

First of all you have to visit the App Store on Apple TV. After that it is the perfect time for you to download Tinder. The instructions should be followed on the screen in order to log in. and then you have to start swiping. The trackpad can be clicked in order to view more details about the profile. Super Like, swipe left, and right by swiping up and the remote can be shaken in order to rewind your swipe. Sign out when you are done swiping.


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Simcity Buildit Review on Plot and Features

Are you looking for another game to play for hours? Consider Simcity Buildit. This EA’s ongoing project apparently turns out to be a popular game. And most of the Simcity Buildit review is positive showing a lot of gamers love this game. Unlike the previous similar game that focused on zones, roads and special buidlings, this Simcity Buildit game focuses on both housing and factory plots. So, this game gets you to feel the real challenge to build a city and its economic life. This game requires you to be a good city mayor where you have to focus on everything that the residences need. It includes the basic and additional services.

Simcity Buildit Review on Plot

Once you have created an account and started to play, you have to start by building residential zones. These are the zones for your residences’ houses. To build the houses, you do not need to pay for anything. However, you cannot build more before you get to the next level. Then, the Simcity Buildit review on plot continues with building of industrial zones. In these zones, you will have your residences working to make wood, plastic and iron to build the industrial zones.

When your city starts to grow, more items will be needed to upgrade the zones to the next level. To get the items, you can make it yourself or buy it at HQ or from Daniel. Once your level increases, there will be more taxes you can earn. More taxes mean more money to buy more items. As alternative, you can always use Simcity Buildit hack tool.

The Simcity Buildit review shows that this game has more features to offer to make it a challenging game. For instance, this game still has the real world’s desires and wants. And it’s actually the factor affecting the prices of the properties and the amount of your tax. Houses built next to the factory will only attract few people to live there and it makes a bad investment. Just like planning a real city, you have to place all the plots or zones on the ideal locations. For instance, residential houses should be close to public services like schools, hospitals and fire stations.

Ideal layout is crucial to make all the residences happy. And when they are happy with at least 90 score for happiness, you will get more taxes. It means you have been successful building a city. Shortly said, with the positive Simcity Buildit review, you will have a great time playing this game.

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Optimizing Laptop Performance with These Simple Things

Many of you who have been using your laptop for a long time will surely face the problem of slowing down laptop. If you are also experiencing the same thing, then you will surely need some of these simple ways in optimizing laptop performance. You can easily do these simple things on your own and you can finally feel that the performance of your laptop will be better. Here are some of those things.


The first one is checking the errors that your laptop might have. This one is important since many problems that cause your laptop to slow down are usually caused by the errors. Therefore, you will need to check if there are some errors on your laptop, especially the hard disk drive. Unfortunately, the duration that you need to do in optimizing laptop performance using this way varies based on the capacity of your hard disk drive. You will need longer time for bigger hard disk drive capacity. The next way that you can simply do is cleaning up the files that you do not really need. You can easily do this by checking on the temporary folder. That is because from that folder you will find a lot of files starting from the smallest one to the biggest one. You just need to delete them all. As an addition to that, you also need to delete all of those files from your Recycle Bin too.

The last tip that you can easily try to do is uninstalling the applications that you do not use anymore. When you check on the list of the installed applications or programs, you will be able to find some of the applications that you rarely use. If you can find some applications or programs there, you just need to uninstall the programs or application in optimizing laptop performance. However, after you uninstall the programs or applications, you need to make sure that you also delete the folder in your Windows Explorer and delete all of those files completely from the Recycle Bin too. This way, you will be able to have the better laptop performance.

For your final consideration, if you have done all of those tips above and you feel like nothing is changing on your laptop, then you will need to reinstall the operating system of your laptop as the last resort in optimizing laptop performance. That one is the best answer that you can get.

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Pixel Gun 3D Hack Problems: All the Possible Issues


Be sure that Pixel Gun 3D hack problems isn’t the only issue that you may encounter when you are playing the game – well, at least if you aren’t playing as an adult, that is. The game may have a cute design that is similar with the Minecraft, one of the most popular games for all age ranges. However, this shooting platform game isn’t for kids – not only because of the principle of the game itself but also because of the features included in the game.

What are Pixel Gun 3D Hack Problems?

Getting the right Pixel Gun 3D cheat apk isn’t the only problem that you encounter but there is an ethic issue about it. You see, the Pixel Gun 3D incorporates open messaging and chatting systems which mean that you can get connected to all players from around the world. It may not be a problem if you are an adult that is opening yourself to the world-scale social network but it can be a problem if you are a kid. Who knows what is going on out there? The open chatting system can connect you to many different kinds of people, including child predators. You definitely want to protect your kids if they are playing the game.

The Common Hacking Issue

Aside from the fact that the game incorporates an open chatting system, there are also other Pixel Gun 3D hack problems that you may find along the way. You see, getting the cheating tool may seem like a great idea – and lucrative too. The idea of tapping yourself to unlimited sources in the game platform is definitely fun. You can progress to the next level easily and you don’t have to work too hard to get the resources. Hey, why bother working hard when you can always activate the cheating hack just in a snap?

However, finding the right cheating tool can be tricky and difficult. The process can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Most players would fall victims to fake download links or fake cheating emulator. Instead of getting the right cheating tool, they end up with malicious malware and virus that can damage not only the computers but also the gaming account.

This is why you should be extra careful when you are about to download the link. Although some people say that it would be safer not to download anything, it is basically just the same. All you have to do is to check the provider and the link. By doing this, at least you can avoid any possible Pixel Gun 3D hack problems that come along the way.




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Causes and Effects of Video Game Addiction


Even though American Medical Association has not recognized video game addiction as diagnosable disorder, it is very big deal for a couple of people. Based on University of New Mexico, a couple of new studies say that 7 to 14 percent of many gamers have signs which can be claimed as addiction. Even though this problem can have necessary consequences for those of you who suffer from it, video game addiction causes and effects can be very hard to guest.

Types of Video Game Addictions

There are two types of video games and meanwhile there are two biggest types of addictions of video game. Video game usually has been designed to be handled by a single player and they should finished mission or goal such as kill the enemy. These games addiction is sometimes connected to finishing that goal or completing a high score.

Another type of video game addiction is related with online multiplayer games. This game requires internet to play with other people and usually this kind of game is addictive as they have no ending. This kind of game makes gamers enjoy making and becoming an online character. They also sometimes create relationships with a couple of other players. For a couple of other people this community will be the good place because they will feel that they are accepted.

Causes of Video Game Addiction

There are a couple of different causes that will make video game addiction. One of the causes that make video game so addictive is those games is created to be addictive. There are a couple of designers of video game which try to make benefit and they always look for methods to make a lot of people play their games. They will make game that will be challenging for the players so that they will keep come back for more. In this case, video game addiction is almost the same with another disorder that is more widely recognized such as gambling addiction

The Signs of Video Game Addiction

Similar to other addiction, video game addiction comes with a couple of signs. It is better for you to know how to know these signs for those of you who have children or relatives that are in this kind of situation. Based on Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery, physical and emotional are those symptoms that you have to consider. So it is better for you to limit your time to play video game.

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Pokemon Go Hack And Cheating Tool To Get Pokecoins And Pokeballs

Get Pokecoins And Pokeballs

For those of you who want to win Pokemon Go, you will have to collect a lot of Pokeballs and Pokecoins, so that you will need to use Pokemon Go Hack and cheating tool. You just have to enter a lot of Pokecoins and Pokeballs that you want. It is easy to use this hack and cheating tool. By using this Pokemon Go Hack and cheating tool, you will be easier in order to win this gamre. The Pokemon Go Hack and cheating tool can be used without having to jailbreak or APK rooting your mobile device.

Tips And Cheats

You can use the Pokemon tracker that is located on the right corner of your screen in order to find Pokemon near you. 0 footprint means that those monsters are near you, while 3 footprints means that they are far away from you. If you want to catch a Pokemon, the Pokeball need to be thrown when you find that the green circle disappears. You will get the better chance if you get smaller circle.

If you find the ring is red or yellow which is surrounding the Pokemon do not waste your time or the Pokeballs will disappear. You will have to prepare the powerful Pokeballs in order to get that particular Pokemon. When you find the egg, it should be hatched. You will have to walk 2, 5 or up to 10 kilos in order to hatch it. But you will find the benefit from it.

Pokestops should be visited a couple of times. You have to consider that the cool down is low relatively. There are 10 minutes and you had to take all of the items and Pokeballs before other people take them. You have to try visiting a couple of different places of your region so that a couple of different kinds of Pokemon can be caught. Every kind of Pokemon will be found in a couple of specific places such as ponds, rivers, and many other places.

If you want to get coins, you have to conquer gyms. If you find that the gym is controlled by your colleague, you have to make sure that you defend it. You do not have to worry because you still get the stuff. If you want to use them in order to guard gyms, all of your duplicates can be transferred to the Doctor. You will get the gift in the forms of candies and a couple of other items.

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Clash Royale Astuce Step By Step to Unlock Locked Cards

How to open locked card Clash Royale astuce step by step? We have the best answer for this question today. This time, we will guide you to unlock every locked card in Clash Royale game. For your information, this trick is very easy to follow. But, it works perfectly and permanently for all Clash Royale lovers in the world. Actually, this is a cheat and you do not have to root or download something on your phone and PC. We work to the global server system and inject secret algorithm into the bug and glitch of this game. So, let us go hack.


clash royaleunlock cards


Clash Royale Astuce Step By Step Guide

The first Clash Royale astuce step by step is by entering your username of Clash Royale account. It may take you to check your email in ensuring yourself about the username. This is the key point to make sure your successful rate in using this online hack. Secondly, you will select the numbers of gems and gold and card which you wish. This step is called as injection. You will inject those numbers into your account in the future. However, we limit the gold number in order to be covered by banning system. The next step is downloading the requested app to your mobile phone.

Clash Royale Astuce Step By Step Reasons

Many people ask why we have to download one of some apps to use our Clash Royale astuce step by step. The reason is because our system is Premium Cheat. It means that the cheat is supported by some third parties. After getting the app, we directly send your injection to the server of Clash Royale. It may take 5 minutes for the process. But, it will be shorten if you directly download and install the requested apps. In the end, your account will have the same numbers of resources with your injection. Do not be surprised when you have unlimited cards and gems later.

Clash Royale Astuce Step By Step Advantages

Besides you have some cards and gold, there are more advantages from our hack online. The first one is that our hack works a hundred percent. You can see some comments and testimonial from other users. Secondly, it is a hundred percent safe. It means that your account won’t be banned by the developer. Thirdly, our hack can be used in all Clash Royale account without any exception. Lastly, it is permanent or durable. So, our Clash Royale astuce step by step will unlock all cards quickly.

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Star Fox Zero Modernization And Review

Star Fox Zero

The Wii U will get a faster and more fuming version of a traditional Nintendo 64 action game Star Fox Zero. The game makes players to get on the ride over and over as it often offers addictive battle scenarios, the sensation of a crazy rollercoaster and best levels. But, in order to increase your piloting skills it will push your focus to the limit toward your screen and the controller and get used to to a challenging and unintuitive control system.

Star Fox Zero Features

There are varied results of the transformation in this completely redesigned Star Fox that match its classic supply material. Contrary, players will enjoy a faster-velocity space combat game that offers different level ideas. Unfortunately, there is excessive retro look in the Star Fox Zero such as tall tanks and enemy ships drawn in plain geometry and tedious textures that feels inappropriate for such a 2016 modern video game. However, in a couple of bigger combat arenas, the influence of huge explosion effects let the frame rate unnoticed even it has no detailed graphics.

Star Fox Zero Gameplay

During your first playthrough, it is easier for you to miss everything, and collecting secret medals and hit high scores will need more playthroughs though you need about five hours to complete the Star Fox Zero. For instance, you will be given many targets to shoot in some good combats, but you may find completely new areas if you stay calm to notice the entrance. There is network through the galaxy entering these secret passages allowing new difficult new areas with colossal alternating bosses and stronger enemies with limited time to defeat. There are total 20 campaign missions in the game including the secret mission that can be found through careful discovering and searching.

Star Fox Zero Missions

You will see remarkable scale and sight during completing levels in the game. Dodge fatal obstacles through a tiny spaces and a pleasant trip in the hyperspeed trail, while there are lots of tanks and enemy ships shooting your ship under falling debris and the turbulent trek. The next mission does not involve action combat experience but more of a slow and boring stealth level. This level requires you to deactivate enemy defenses by controlling an annoyingly sluggish ship and set out a lame robot buddy. The design is bland and drops its potential as you only see enemies destroy themselves when regularly patrolling around bombs. This is different combat experience compared to other mission in Star Fox Zero that offer wild flying shooting down enemies and avoiding rockets.

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Find the Working Clash of Kings Hack Online Tool

clash of kings cover

There are many Clash of Kings hack online tool that can be found from the internet. It will be very helpful for you if you tend to use the hack tool to win the game. The online hack tool can be used for both iOS and Android. What you need to do is just entering your username into the online hack tool and also the number of the gold, food, and wood that you want to get. It will make you have unlimited number of resources in your game. The unlimited food can be used for your army. You can also buy any items using the unlimited gold. Then, you will have good settlements because you can build quickly using unlimited wood.

Where can we find Clash of Kings hack online tool that truly worked? Many Android and iOS users who search through the internet the online hack tool found that many websites are scam. They only offer the online hack tool to get some extra cash. They design the website to have a good layout and theme of Clash of Kings. Then, they make the hack tool appearing in the middle of the page. It will ask you to enter your username, then you just need to click a button. It’s so simple to be used. It will show you the hacking process, like it’s truly working. But, when the hacking is almost done, you will be asked to finish a survey. The website said that it just only need one step again to finish the hacking process by completing a survey. It’s also needed to prove that you are human. Said the website.

Will the Clash of Kings hack online tool truly worked after you finish the survey? No one can make sure and there is no guarantee about it. Some users from certain countries cannot finish the survey because it’s only available for certain countries. Sometimes, there are some comments from the previous users who have visited the website said that the online hack tool is truly worked. You should be-careful, it can be the other accounts of the website owner to deceive the other visitors.

Surely finding the working online hack tools is not easy. There so many websites that use the Clash of Kings popularity to get some extra cash by providing fake online hack tool. Maybe you can ask in game forums to give you the link of Clash of Kings hack online tool that worked.

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Dirt Rally Racing Game Review

Dirt Rally Racing

Dirt Rally racing game is one of the best racing games that available nowadays. You can feel the real atmosphere of racing in many different tracks. There are many cars available in this game. The handling of the car when you are driving it is amazing. Just like driving a real car. Sometime your engine can be overdrive when it’s almost reach the top speed or the limit. The effects on the track when the racing is amazing. You can find many beautiful sceneries and many beautiful objects during the race. The tense of the race will pump your adrenaline to the max.

During the game, you will be accompanied by a co-driver who sits next to you. He will help you during the race by informing you and also warning you when you about many possibilities that will come to you during the race. The feel of your car’s wheels, steer, and engine just like very real. Dirt Rally racing game use new physic engine that give great visual starting from the moment you choose the vehicle or the type of the driving surface. Then you will also find great visual when you have to choose the weather, time of day, and altitude. After you finish setting up for the race, you will come to the track in your vehicle and you are ready to feel the real racing atmosphere.

In this game, you can find 39 cars that has great performance in their own way. It’s better for you to choose the appropriate cars for different tracks. Each car has its own characteristic that sometimes only suitable for certain track conditions. Although you have chosen the right car, you should also master your chosen car. In Dirt Rally racing game, all factors during the race are important and will decide the result of the race. Listen to your co-driver carefully to get better lap time and avoid your car from getting any damage during the race.

Dirt Rally racing game also offers career mode. You will spend much of your time for the rally championship in the full gamut of counties and stages. It’s a long multi stage racing events. You should be careful about the damage of your car because the damage is persistent. It only can be fixed by your engineer crew. Dirt Rally really need your concentration to finish the race and become the champion.

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Boom Beach Astuce for iPhone Earns Unlimited Diamonds

What is the first thing that comes out in your mind when you hear unlimited diamond can be obtained for free? It sounds non sense when you think that most of the diamonds can be purchased online through your gadget. Whatever the popular games you are interested in, having the diamonds for free sometimes impossible to be understood in real life.

The question that may appear in your mind is the way to get those diamonds for free without harassing the device that you are using. Have you ever heard about a game called Boom Beach? Yes, this Supercell new son has its Boom Beach astuce for iPhone.

boom beach

Hack Tool for iPhone Users

iPhone has been very popular for its strict application. All of the applications and also games that can be installed in all iOs devices have to be compatible with the system that Apple has. No matter what kind of hack tool that you have in your Android devices, this Boom Beach astuce for iPhone should have been linked from the iOs devices with the laptop or the PCs you have at home.

Playing this Boom Beach without any diamonds left means that you will need another new level to make sure that you get a new diamond to be used during the play. Sometimes there are some advertisements that can earn you a few diamonds to help you expand your place at the Boom Beach game. Each ads will stay for about 25 to 30 seconds and you will get reward either a diamond or material you need to expanding and building your things.

Boom Beach astuce for iPhone can be used for the people who want their gadgets get jailbreak or root because it cannot work well when the iOs gadgets have not been unlocked. Thus, for those people who want to have their Boom Beach account gets hacked, I prefer to suggest you using the Android instead of doing the jailbreak the devices you have.

If you want to have the normal playing system in Boom Beach, it takes for about 3 months with daily playing, which a day you can play for about 2-3 hours to reach level 50. In fact, then you want to have the instant playing, this Boom Beach astuce for iPhone can be your consideration because it really speeds up your progress and all the buildings can be fastened for the seconds you can never imagine at all. Is not that totally fascinating?

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Gravity Rush PS4 HD Remastered Finally Launched

Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush PS4 is a remastered version of Gravity rush that launched in 2012 for PS Vita. Have you ever played this game before in PS Vita? If you ever played this game before, you will know how enjoyable this game to be played. In this remastered version, you will get better visual display and better gameplay. If you own a PS4, it’s better for you to try this game because many PS3 owners want to play this game but it’s not ported and remastered for PS3. When you play Gravity Rush in PS4, you will get amazing gameplay in your TV, much better than when you play it in a 5 inches PS Vita.

Gravity Rush PS4 Remastered is scheduled to be launched on February 2nd, 2016. In this game you will find an open world game with 21-chaptered action. When you are playing the game, you will feel that you are playing a new AAA game, not a remastered version of an old game. The main character of this game is Kat, a girl who can manipulate gravity. This ability will allow you to walk in the wall, ceiling, carry any objects and jump or fall in any directions, just like flying.

In the beginning of the game, you will find that Kat wake up with amnesia in a sky city, named Heckseville that is torn apart by gravitational turbulence. In Gravity Rush PS4 Remastered, you still find the same enemies such as Nevi, an alien-like enemy. Kat will have an adventure in Heckseville that offers great city architecture and also there are many hidden objects that you can find. It just like a playground for Kat while she uses her power to explore the whole city.

So, this game is an action adventure game that give you a new excitement. You can finish the main game in about 12 – 15 hours playing. But, there are many interesting side-quests that you can also play. Sometimes, you will feel that the challenges are too easy because of Kat ability, but it still very interesting. As a remastered game, we can say that Gravity Rush offer something new for you. Just like playing a new game that has great visual and gameplay. You should try this game when it’s launched. Not only you, your friends will also love to play this game. Having Gravity Rush PS4 Remastered will be a good addition for your PS4 games collection.



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8 Ball Pool Hack Tips with Auto-Aim marker

8 ball pool covers

Whatever you call our 8 Ball Pool hack tips, we will always help you to win this game without any payment. In other words, say goodbye with the in-game purchase which is very disserving free-to-play players. By using our hack tips, we believe you won’t every touch your money anymore because it is totally free and working 100 percent in any platform which is able to carry this game. The 8 Ball Pool is a multiplayer game that uniting two players to fight each other above the billiard pool. We recommend you to close this page if you are not belonging to our hack tips. We just want to say that good luck for your normal but hard matches in this game.

Before we are going further in our 8 Ball Pool hack tips, we have some reasons why we are very exciting to hack this game for sure. We know that this game has only one goal. It is hitting the ball into pocket obviously. However, there are many ways which can help you to reach the targeted pocket besides of the path. By using this game currency, you can boost up your power and spans. However, the developer forces the player to use their real money to buy the currency. Sorry, we have no as much as rich players. That is our reason why we hack this game for you.

We are sure you are curious how to use our 8 Ball Pool hack tips. Just go to the app store of your phone and download 8 Ball Pool hack. You can easily find it through search box. Install the app and agree all of the terms. Run it quickly once you installed because our hack tool has many users who are able to overload our server. The impact will ruin our server and make it timeout. Then, you must run it as soon as possible after installation.

After you are running the 8 Ball Pool hack tips, click the define button. For your information, the app is still running on the background. It means that you can open the 8 Ball Pool. Go back to the Home screen and run the game. Go to setup and then set the blocks. Click the right mark on your screen. Then, the hack is working. Every turn just set the target on the mark because your shoot will be a hundred percent coming inside the pocket. Lastly, your move will be same as a pro pool player.

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Help Kirito and Friends to become the number one on Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Sword Art Online Lost Song

Who does not know this anime which released PS4 version entitled Sword Art Online: Lost Song? Yeah, everyone who loves anime must know about the game. The anime of Sword Art Online has been booming in 2012 ago until know with some seasons passed including Sword Art Online 2 in 2014 ago. SAO is now available for PlayStation 4 users with the new series called Lost Song. For your information, the setting of the game was taken from the original story of the anime or light novel. Today, we have an opportunity to review how well this game on PS4 players all over the world. Is it better than the anime? Let us see.

For your information, Sword Art Online: Lost Song has English-sub version and it is released only on PlayStation 4 platform. If there is no English-sub version, of course we will have some difficulties to review this awesome game. If you bought the Lost Song Game Directors Edition, there will be DLCs that you will get. First DLC is for special costume. You can change the costume which different with normal game. Secondly, it is DLC Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (previous series of SAO the game) and key chain of Kirito as bonuses. We think it does not necessary to explain furthermore about the DLCs or bonuses of the game, let us go straight to the gameplay.

The Sword Art Online: Lost Song is an action role-play game which is designed for three PlayStation consoles; they are PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. The plot or setting of the game is coming from the light novel of SAO. Hollow Fragment as the second series of SAO was successful to reach gamers in the previous series. Meanwhile, Lost Song is released as the successor of Hollow Fragment. In the beginning, you will watch Kiriot and friends playing Alfheim Online. As usual, they play with VRMM(Virtual Reality). There is a new guild called Shamrock and Kirito should defeat this guild to become the first guild that beat Alfheim.

On the previous series, you cannot play other characters except Kirito. Meanwhile, the Lost Song series is the first SAO game which allows you to play other characters besides Kirito. There are more than 19 characters which you can play in this game. Moreover, you are also able to create your own char that will be involved on the Kirito’s main story then. There are three main weapons on Sword Art Online: Lost Song and every weapon has special skill which gained from the leveling.

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Asphalt Nitro Review For Android Users


If you love to play Android games which have small size, Asphalt Nitro can be your favorite. One of flagship games from Gameloft which reminds us about how popular Asphalt in its era especially for mobile phone gamers. This racing game has one big benefit on its file size. If we are familiar with large size of Android games today, this game only requires 25 mb of your storage space. Thus, it is very easy to be downloaded into your Android. Although the file size of this game is classified as small size, the quality of this game cannot be underestimated. For your information, there are around five million people have downloaded this game all over the world until now.

The Asphalt Nitro is specifically made for Android users. It does not mean this game has no quality in its graphic. Moreover, it has small size either. But, Gameloft is successfully making this game as the best racing game in Android these days. The track racing is well-made because the elements such as traffic lights, bridge are completely designed. Likewise, the desert track is also successfully attracting our eyes to play this game more and more. The main element of racing game is not only the tracks, but also the cars. Of course, this game provides cool and beautiful cars which suitable for Android users. Only one weakness that I found in this game is the impact on the cars’ body after hitting something.

The gameplay of Asphalt Nitro is good enough because it shows complete expectations for racing lovers. The players are able to play this game in online multiplayer mode or offline. FYI, you need to connect your Android with internet connection firstly before playing multiplayer. In offline mode, the players can complete the challenges based on the tracks which available in the game. Meanwhile, online mode offers the players to race with other players in different location at the same time. The uniqueness of this game is when you start the race. You will have a standard mini cooper which is able to be modified based on your available spare part.

Last but now least of this Asphalt Nitro review, it is about the controller. You will be easily adapted with the controller because you just need shaking your Android to control your car to turn left or right. Meanwhile, turbo button is always forcing your eyes to push it on the screen of your Android. Overall, this game is recommended for you who love racing game with small space of storage. You still have good graphic for smartphone class tough.

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