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Double Dragon IV Does Not Suit for Modern Gamers


The Double Dragon IV is just released recently by Arc System Works. It throws us back into the eighties authentically. We really mean it because this game is purely revived without adapting any modern game mechanism, which brings us to the old game console, NES. Although it says “IV” on its name, it is a direct sequel from the Double Dragon II. We do not understand why it is not from a sequel of Double Dragon III. The old graphic, which has been almost thirty years since now, offers some weaknesses that once again come up to the surface. Just read the review if you do not get it now.


Nothing changes at all. The Double Dragon IV still exists like what the predecessors looked some decades ago. The theory behind this revival is to bring much nostalgia for those who really miss Lee brothers in action. However, this game was too old for some modern consoles like PlayStation 4 and even PC. The 8-bit era had been done. We know the original idea about this game but please it is not like bringing the same graphics as the original series back there. It is a direct throwback seriously. The developer replicates everything on the Double Dragon Series of NES including the graphics. The enemies are goofy since they just rush blindly at your characters but they are just some, tough. The controls of the characters are also strictly odd. You can just move the characters with very limited moveset. We believe that all of you can end the game within an hour by spamming the standard attacks. The special attack is also limited.


There is not much to be reviewed on the graphic. The Double Dragon IV still offers flickering display on our LCD. In addition, the characters are very bad in details. You cannot compare this legendary game to the modern games or even on SEGA games. We have not impressed with the graphics at all. The design is also bad. The graphic is just like the worst thing in this game. It is stiff as its gameplay and controls.


After all, we are disappointed with the Double Dragon IV. It does not make any sense for competing with modern games literally. But, we do appreciate the developer to bring back the old memories even though it is still in 8-bit graphics. Frankly speaking, you will really immerse to the Lee brothers nostalgia. Thus, the game is worthwhile to enjoy a nostalgic moment for some adults out there.

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